Jordan Ogron, managing partner of Tesse Restaurant, has created a unique wine store adjacent to the restaurant.  The majority of the inventory found at Boutellier will be exclusive wines that are not readily available at other retailers or online.  Boutellier was the title given to the person in charge of the King’s wine hundreds of years ago in 18th century France.  The Boutellier was the only person with the key to the King’s cellar – which is represented by the store’s logo.

Boutellier will also carry wines from around the world that have never been available outside the wineries. As an example, Ogron mentions Abadía Retuerta – an award-winning winery in the Duero Valley, the renowned wine region in Spain.  Prior to now, their winemakers collection series of wines were only available at the winery, or at the restaurant in their hotel, the Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine Hotel, which has earned a Michelin star.  Ogron says “Boutellier will be the only store in the entire world that is able to sell that wine. I have been traveling for over 2 years, exploring these unique partnerships with wineries all over the world.”  Although the majority of wines will be exclusive or hard to find, he stresses many wines will be affordable. 

Hours of operation: 12pm – 10pm daily

Please reach out or call (310) 294-8115 for additional information.